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Outstanding features of Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club

Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club is a Villa project in the golf course. The project is expected to create strong attraction to real estate investors for the outstanding advantages.

Convenient transportation

Located in Yen Dung district – Bac Giang province, Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club is highly rated by its favorable geographical location, 50km from Hanoi and 50 minutes by car. Especially, visting the project is more convenient when the national highway 1A from Hanoi to Bac Ninh is expanded.

The first and unique project

Within 50km of the center of Hanoi, Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club is the first and unique golf resort project.

While beach resorts tend to be saturated, golf resort villas are considered to be strange and unique product. Moreover, the project is located in the dynamic economic development ring of Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Thai Nguyen and Hai Duong provinces, where it attracts many foreign investors leading to the increase in the demand of accommodation. Therefore, the project is considered an attractive investment and profit opportunity.

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A sacred land with extraordinary people location

Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club is located in the heart of the Nham Bien mountain range – it is said that 99 phoenixes have come here to make land for the capital.

The villa system is built in the most beautiful location of the project – “leaning against the hillside and facing the lake” is believed to bring wealth to the owner”. Each villa has an unlimited view of the 18-hole golf course and a view of the whole countryside of Northern Vietnam.

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Perfect facilities

When you own a villa in Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club you also own an 18-hole international golf course. It is great to step outside your door to enjoy your passion on the challenging golf course.                                                                                                                                                                                                5                                                   

Besides, the 4-star hotel system with full facilities and services such as: gym; spa, yoga, children playground, outdoor swimming pool … will bring the greatest resort space for you and your family.

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